Friday, October 28, 2016

Hi, I submitted a new manuscript today ...Hope they like it as much as I do,,,,Oh well I'll keep you posted...In the meantime take a look at a real life Halloween tale!


Dad's mom was always in Fairfield Hill Hospital For the Insane when I was growing up but my family was very secretive about it & told us she had a tumor in her head which she needed a drain in so she had to be there. I only found out about 10yrs ago tho I'd known she'd been put at some point in MiddleTown Hospital of the Criminally Insane but never knew why there, until about 10 yrs ago.

 a young man called & said his father was my father's brother & he was doing genealogy on his family & found my father so he'd called him. My Dad didn't believe it was anything but a scam.

( But the siblings of this man each the age of one of my fathers children including me kept in touch.) 

 They asked for pic's of my Dad's mother though he never called her that himself. I later found out she was in Middletown hospital For Criminally Insane because she had Schizophrenia & had been charged with attempted manslaughter .

If you google Fairfield Hills there are lots of stories about it & it was used in movies etc. 

She came from a wealthy family in south western CT we were close to her brother & sister & no-one else has it in the family but even thinking of where she was at that time-we all know how insane asylums were then it must have been a nightmare. 

She was in Middletown For Criminally Insane because she had Schizophrenia & had been charged with attempted manslaughter for trying to cook (brace yourself) my father when he was 2yrs old. My Great-grandmother walked into their home to find my father in a big Pot with Potatoes Carrots & Onions etc. She was making stew out of him. My great-grandmother called the police after taking my father out of the pot. She was arrested that day in 1930 & spent her entire life in mental hospitals except one time she escaped & ran to Canada married this man who was my fathers brother & had the kids doing the genealogy-had children with him then ran away to be arrested when reentering the US & put in MiddleTown for attempted Murder. Here I am not old but not young & I just found out recently about the Murder part. My father being in a pot of hot water cooked. Thankfully he was not burned but always had anger towards his mother. We never knew why. 


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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Two new and interesting pages

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