Friday, May 20, 2016

Big mistakes made , wow, I am my own worst enemy

I screwed up this week bigtime. As you know I am waiting on my book to get finished. It is in the hands of the publisher and they are working on the interior layout (I hope). All was going well until I ran into one of my old weed dealers.  I have recently quit weed about a year and a half ago. After smoking for forty years I felt that was enough and I have been feeling fantastic. Why I bought that forty dollar bag from him I am not sure,  I felt obliged or something, . I won't bore you with the details but what a shitty,  unproductive week no wonder I live in my basement like a hermit. Anyone who say's that weed makes them perform better is full of shit. I could not even open Word on my  pc  never mind stringing two lousy words together. I have been in a lazy sleeping , munching weed induced fog for five days I am finally starting to feel better. Never Again I am promising myself, I am too old for that shit and I have too much to live for.
Oh well back to the drawing board, I can't beat myself up too much. I still have two good stories on Word. I am finally sober enough to continue. Praise the lord.
Here is the link to my website and a really nice pick from my girl Leona Limont out on G+.

Friday, May 6, 2016

More good news , life is good I got my final edit back from the publisher. It took 2 months and that was a blessing in disguise find out why...

I have been busy with the final edit of "The Village Of Jodicus"
The editor had some great suggestions and I agreed with most.
The best thing I could have done was let the story rest for a couple months, Like a fine wine.
I forgot what a terrific story I had. The first thing I did was print it out and had a couple of my people read it. I wanted them to be critical and look for any weaknesses and they found some and I read it and I found a few minor flaws as well.
Here is what the people I shared this book with have said.
"I did not want it to end"
"I want to read it again"
Me: beaming with pride right now!

It is historical fiction and some things did not fit the timeline, SO I FIXED IT NO PROBLEM! :)
My goal is to make the reader go back and feel he or she is thrown into a place that we cannot even conceive in this time. A dark time and also a simpler time. A cut and dry time where either you are going to survive or you are going to suffer. Two choices, the way of good or the way of evil.  A time that meant just because you are a blood thirsty warrior does not make you bad man,  just a little misunderstood. I mean there is evil and then there is real evil and in this story you better pick a side and take a stand or surely a soul will parish and a life will be cut short in these dark times.

Oh well I'll keep you posted please check back often. The publisher has moved on to the interior lay-out now the edit is done.  I sent it back approved and there is no turning back now.
I have also been working on some other powerful tales, more historic fiction and I promise no series or trilogies these are stories that leave the reader satisfied and not feeling like they are missing out by not getting book two or three or four. just the good read of a classic and in a  unique style.

Here,  have a picture of some lucky stones!

 and have a nice day!