Friday, May 20, 2016

Big mistakes made , wow, I am my own worst enemy

I screwed up this week bigtime. As you know I am waiting on my book to get finished. It is in the hands of the publisher and they are working on the interior layout (I hope). All was going well until I ran into one of my old weed dealers.  I have recently quit weed about a year and a half ago. After smoking for forty years I felt that was enough and I have been feeling fantastic. Why I bought that forty dollar bag from him I am not sure,  I felt obliged or something, . I won't bore you with the details but what a shitty,  unproductive week no wonder I live in my basement like a hermit. Anyone who say's that weed makes them perform better is full of shit. I could not even open Word on my  pc  never mind stringing two lousy words together. I have been in a lazy sleeping , munching weed induced fog for five days I am finally starting to feel better. Never Again I am promising myself, I am too old for that shit and I have too much to live for.
Oh well back to the drawing board, I can't beat myself up too much. I still have two good stories on Word. I am finally sober enough to continue. Praise the lord.
Here is the link to my website and a really nice pick from my girl Leona Limont out on G+.

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