Wednesday, January 25, 2017

wow pulled from the sub-conscience unburried just for you

Camp Squanto
1968 our parents sent my brother and I for two weeks of summer camp at camp Squanto ..a christian camp located in beautiful new Hampshire.

 First we met the counselors I was amazed at their dedication most of these counselors had worked at camp Squanto every summer for the past 5 to 10 years.
These counselors were older not college students just looking for a summer job

 "What a dedicated bunch of counselors this is going to be a fun two weeks!"

Well looking back  now I see camp Squanto was a hot spot meeting grounds for every pedophile and his brother.

What horror ensued in those 2 weeks as campers were dropping like flies.
 Many parents were called and came to pick up there kids early. I never saw a more scared bunch of kids in my life, Even my older brother only made it a week I found him crying in his cabin and he was scared and angry and that's the way my brother stayed for the rest of his life.

The dead give away was at one week all campers were asked to write their parents and tell them what a great time we were having. We were given post cards and wrote our letters and gave them to our counselors to mail. 

Looking back the postcards were read by the counselors and any detrimental cards that spoke of the huge rash of pedophilia were discarded and the parents never knew 

On the last day of camp a fellow  camper came into the cabin crying he told me a counselor had stuck fingers into his ass and rubbed his penis...what? damn we were barely 12 years old.
I was so glad when my parents picked me up, luckily nothing happened to me but I did a lot of making sure I stayed around lots of people for those two weeks at camp Squanto and I walked backwards a lot.

"How was camp?" my parents asked 
"Can we go to the beach next summer? I don't think I want to come back here again/"




Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A very important subject what is it?

I am not sure I think I have felt is what I know.

I was born of this to my parents and did learn to feel this and I believe it is true.

I got married...I failed at this.

I hold this as a father out of instinct...I believe it is true.

I now have a grandson and what I feel is finally unquestionable and so real.

It is true it is love.

Do yourself a big this poignant adventure
The Village of Jodicus
by JR Sweeney

Amazon here

Monday, January 9, 2017

Greetings This is a post about someone I met on twitter

I will now provide you links to meet my wonderful friend she is a fantastic human being with a humble soul.

The author copies out of pure joy of life and also for
reason of the processing own emotions. An awful riding
accident in 1998 closed the old chapter of her life. As an
epileptic the author awoke in the new life and she looked for
some time after a spring of the strength to process her

A woman awaken again in Ireland and with her own wishes - healing, justice, love, spirit and peace. 2016: It´s the time for new projects. Lyric, History, Ireland and love.



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