Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Feeling blessed and glad to be alive! lessons learned and moving forward.Thanks to some helpful folks out on twitter and facebook and G+. uh goodreads not so much

I have been blessed to find some helpful souls in my journey to become an author. I owe it all to some great folks that I have met on twitter and facebook and G+. They have offered me down loads of pdf's chock-full of great info for a new guy like me. Genuine are they and I thank them all. Truly good and loving people from all over the world. Goodreads on the other hand....blah not so much the whole site has a cold vibe and the book rating system is a laugh. Please tell me how Ernest Hemingway's "The old man and the sea" rates three and a half stars. While a first time author who writes a book on making money on the web rates five stars?. what? five stars where do they go from there? I found goodreads is ok as long as you keep your mouth shut and don't post anything or you are going to get a rebuttal from five hundred "know it all" blowhards.

Here is some good lessons I have learned on the kinder, gentler facebook, G+ and twitter from people that are genuine and truly want me to succeed.

1. Stop tweeting and posting so much, no one wants their feed full of tweets and post from me every 5 minutes.
2. Post your book with links maybe 3 to 5 times a day at different times.
3. Develop a good niche on something you are passionate about when posting or tweeting.
4. Share things and retweet things that are encouraging just as your friends and followers share your things.
5 Be kind and respectful just as your friends and followers are kind and respectful to you.

A kind thank you to all from everywhere in the world.  Arabia, Turkey, France,  India to Ireland and, the UK to the good old USA. I love you

OK here is my newly updated website with tunes and pics and info about my book "The village of Jodicus"

Thanks to all for your awesome support I'll leave you with a pic and a vid.

 Silencieuse Aurore g+


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