Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I recieved my hard copy proof in the mail, reviewed it and loved it here is the history behind this book

Greetings I hope this post finds you well.  I WROTE THIS BOOK IN HONOR IN REMEMBERANCE OF MY BROTHERS 
Mark Sweeney and Kevin Garvey  my two best fishing partners here is the dedication

Mark Sweeney and Kevin Garvey
May you find eternal rest on the happy isle

fishermen's prayer

God grant that I may live to fish,
Until my dying day,
And when it comes to my last cast,
I then most humbly pray,
When in the Lord’s safe landing net,
I’m peacefully asleep,
That in his mercy I be judged,
As big enough to keep

English translation

The Happy Island

Sing this song to the Happy Island,
The green isle with the whitest beach;
Storms sometimes attack it severely,
But I love to live there.
Where does gentle summer arrive earlier
Where does blossom appear on trees earlier
Where does the thrush sing more beautifully
On the young branches? In the Happy Island.
The most valuable fish close to shore
Prefers to live near your boundaries;
Active lads with handlines and nets
Fish very early around the Happy Island.
Come with me to the beach
On a calm evening at high tide,
And you will see the beauty and many species
Of birds that live in the Happy Island.
And although I go to visit yonder country-side,
Sometimes thinking that I may stay there,
A mysterious attraction with heat that will not cool
Draws me relentlessly to the Happy Island.
Oh, the time is short till the day ends;
Night will come and I will seek rest;
My eternal slumber will be so tranquil
If my pillow is in the Happy Island.

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