Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hi everyone my publisher called to verify my address, I believe they are sending me a proof to review. (hope so)

Hi, Going to use a bigger font today (exciting stuff right).
Not much happening here, just waiting for my proof to arrive. I will sign off on it and hopefully soon I will be providing some links for the masses to purchase my book. It has been almost 2 years since I started the story. I wrote it then I opened up wordpad selected all and deleted it what?, Then for 6 months this story haunted me IT HAD TO BE SHARED. So I wrote it again on wordpad. As you know wordpad has no editing tools so I put each chapter into my email and spellchecked it that way.(what a pain in the you now where). Sigh....I gave it to my dad and my bro and my daughter to read they loved it. (nothing like an unbiased opinion right :)). Now for the true test I gave it to my ex-wife to read she hates me by the way, anyhow she loved it! what? and she is an avid reader. I submitted the book to two publishers and both accepted it.
I chose the publisher my gut told me to choose and have not looked back since, ok that's enough rambling for now. All I can say is the story is great the characters are colorful and interesting and above all is the message,  oh the message that's the real beauty of this book.
here is a link to my website I love you people and respect you.

Aleks V G+ and sweet sweet Eva williams on the mic folks

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