Friday, July 1, 2016

A fly has two compound eyes and each eye is made up between 3,000 and 6,000 simple eyes. I believe this is what would be needed to see all the fine Indie authors out here on the web.

I thought I was an awesome unique author but have had a rude awakening. The web is full off awesome and unique authors.  I have been humbled perhaps waiting for my publisher has been a blessing.  It has given me the chance to read and meet so many fine writers and people out on the web.  I feel I have what it takes to make it out here. I am finding it is the story and the characters that matters and I know my book has the goods. Either way I am having a blast chatting,  learning and growing as an author.  I will mention no names of my fellow authors on this blog.  This blog is all about me. J. R. Sweeney just a guy from new England,  trying to make it in a world full of rich writing.  The blogs I follow have been a real wake up call for me.  I never imagined that so super talented writers existed! Until now my reading has been of only one book the Bible.  In my younger years I read a lot of Hemingway and I really liked H P. Lovecraft I recently bought a kindle and dedicated it only indie authors. I have been reborn I am so impressed by the new generation of Salinger's and Bradbury's and Hemingway's, that fill my kindle. Kudos to the indie and self -published authors of the web and the world.       Now for a couple pics from  borntobleed881 on G+ speaking of unique and talented.
also here is a link to my website if want to now more about my book and its unique storyline and characters.
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