Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I was attacked by a bear and I survived but it changed my life ..get the whole story here

What an ordeal I tried to stay calm and keep my wits about me. I felt like Leo Dicaprio in The Revenant
I was helpless and surprised

Hi , welcome glad you joined me. No promoting anything today just friendship.
I really was not attacked by a bear,  well sort of I guess. I was attacked by Max Bear.
Only Max Bear attacked me with love and kindness and sent me his two books in the mail to give to my grandson.
I met Max on face book . We are two authors just doing our thing out there. and I don't know how Max feels but I really like me some Max bear. We have a lot in common. we both hate bullies , we both love Coffee. we both like to read and write and we sell a book or two.
Max bear is one of the benefits of social media . He offered me the chance to meet someone very special. 
so, without further Ado here he is my friend Maxi

Thanks Max Bear huggzzz to you and give your human a big hug for me too.

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