Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Welcome!, today I interview TragicallyTrue the @CleverlyCool #feline #fashionista ..what an interesting life!

                            Here is THE link to my most purrrr-fect EBAY site WHAT TREASURES!!

JR Sweeney: Thank you for taking the time to visit I know you are busy. what have you got going on?

TragicallyTrue: Busy me? I sure am but Im thrilled to be here with the little people I have a lot of things happening a photo shoot in spain next week and I am working on a new remake of  dr. Seuss movie  "the cat in the hat" ..hint guess who wears the hat and rocks it? ..me! and i am trying to end world hunger and also practicing catching a bullet with my teeth. so, yes I have a full plate.

JR Sweeney: your fans need to know more, how did you become the EBAY maven that you are 
and what are some items out there today?

TragicallyTrue: well I just got back from purchasing a great savings on some nice wind chimes.
Here is the link for all my fans and kits and kats ...I even like dogs I was married to a poodle for a while ..it didn't work out pssst...he may have been(you know) limp pawed he enjoyed the company of male retrievers
fabulous wind chimes darlings!

JR Sweeney: I think we get the picture.. I thought you are going to be in the new Tupac movie any truth to that buzz?

TragicallyTrue: mew mew Tupac love em purrrr miss him ..we came up together I used to use the litter box right near his studio. I did a couple cameos in his vids ..he wanted me bad but I had to let poor tupac down, broke his heart ...yeah i'm in that movie ...lets just say I blast a cap on some east weak coast  rappers.
Pac give me this ..rare ass bootleg .   rare tupac bootleg ..vinyl

JR Sweeney: One more question then we will let you go..what is hot for spring and summer fashion?

TragicallyTrue: Good question! hold on rouhgh roughhh wrooo rouuuugh ..oh JR I AM SORRY BOUT THAT HAIRBALL..I will pay for the dry cleaning...fashion? anything goes this season
kinda like those new transgender bathrooms ..just get in there and do your thing let It all hang out!!
I noticed lots of folks getting their tongues roughed up like mine ..sounds painful and lots of people I won't mention any names(Beyonce) trying to copy my new flea collar design...her and jay-z always biten on my style heres another secret jay-z and me got a few litters of our own, if ya know what I mean ...ya heard

JR Sweeney: Well I am gonna go clean up listen TT always good to see you...do you need to give any shout outs

TragicallyTrue:Thank you JR I would like to shout out to my boy master P ..sorry it didn't work out baby and you couldn't handle me and you best step it up with that HYDRO-catnip or I go get it somewhere else..anyway I got a rare master P check it ..peace kittens    SONS OF FUNK RARE MASTER P

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