Friday, March 11, 2016

killing some time ...a girl asked me to write ...if you were in a coma for 2 months and you could hear everything going on in the room so here it is

  He is here once again,  knowing I will wake up.  Mark,  my older Brother,  comforting me as he has my whole life.  His calming hand is on me. Taking me though another tough time.  Big brother,  the one that let me following him around  like a faithful puppy.

 "Let me show you how the catch"  He would say

  "Hold the bat like this ", He would say

  "Come with me little brother"

   I always felt safe, special and welcome with Mark my hero.

    A doctor entered the room and spoke to Mark, "It has been two months now and  with no insurance your bill is getting high, we need to consider other options.

   Mark replied  "What other options?"

   I lie there,  listening, not seeing.

   The doctor responded "His brain is damaged , even if he wakes up from this coma he will not be the same".

  "That's my younger Brother lying there, Doctor! , He will stay here as long as it takes , now ,get your ghoulish, money hunger ass out of the room!"

 Mark was back by my side with his calming hand again, the touch that made my life worthwhile.

                       rest in peace Mark my noble brother,  I will never forget you

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