Friday, August 19, 2016

Ahhh the final part of the book progression, the review

Well this last process I had kind of shunned.
Reviews good or bad I was not going to take them to heart.
In my mind the book had to be written.
I didn't say it had to be read, although I was hoping it would be.
So, guess what I got my first official review.
The review was from someone I met on social media.
A like minded soul out there promoting a book.
I will not mention any names as I have stated before  this blog is about me and my book progression.
so I am going to post the review but before I do here is the links to purchase this book

My fine friends at Tate publishing

Here is the link to my website its pretty cool , got some nice pics on video in the gallery page 
and the landing page is info about the book. and there is a contact me page with email addresses and such. so, please check that out.

The village of Jodicus website

Now drum roll please here is my first official review :)

A Compact Novel with Impact! 

By reader choice, I acquired the paperback version of this novel (78 pages). Taking place from 33 – 100 AD, spiritual and religious undertones pervade throughout a story laced with brutal combat befitting the historical era.

From the very first page, the author’s voice and writing style convincingly transport you to ancient times in the manner of a sage narrating events to a captive audience seated before him by a crackling fire inside a mountain cave. His story is propelled by Marksivna, a hero who tries to unravel his past, while fighting to preserve the new utopian village of Jodicus.

Though compact, this novel does not fall short of reader expectation. J.R. Sweeney provides vivid descriptions, backstories, witty dialogue, conflicts, and blood spills on the meadow. It is apparent the author incorporated his knowledge of historical background and his familiarity with the Bible in this well-written novel.

Reading 'The Village of Jodicus' in one sitting justifies qualifying this book a page-turner. 

Not take reviews to heart I said when a very talented published author whom I admire for her unique style and flow. writes this about my humble work. Damnit I  am a grown man and this man cried.

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