Saturday, February 25, 2017

LOL this was 30 years ago but like yesterday to me check it out ..QUICK READ

The Dance Lesson

Took my daughter Jenn To her first dance lesson she was 4 yrs old and very excited.

Now let me tell you I sucked as a dad .

We walked into the dance lesson and I looked at lil Jennifer's eyes light as she started running around and dancing and using those ballet bars she was like a kid in a candy store what a smile on her face.
The only problem I saw was she was disrupting the dance class that was already in progress.

So, being the shitty clueless dad I was I grabbed her and told her to calm down and go listen to the teacher.

The teacher came over to us and told me  not to worry and come pick her up in 1 hour.

But, what  THE TEACHER  really MEANT  was ..get your clueless self  out of here dad and let us girls do what we do .

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