Friday, April 29, 2016

Author photos, wow, what a week! I got a notice from the publisher that I needed a photo for the back cover...comedy insued.

publisher:  you never submitted your author photo
me:   oh , I did not know I had to,  I'll send one
publisher:   the dpi and size are wrong
me   ok I'll rescan and resend
publisher : the print quality is not good enough.
me:  ok I'll take a brand new pic and send it in the proper dpi and size.
publisher : the print quality is not good enough
me : don't penalize me because I'm ugly
publisher: you may want to consider a professional photographer

   these are the emails I have sent,  one a day now to the publisher

me:  4-26   10:00 am
Hello, I am off to the photographer!
he is going to send you the shot via email
please let me know when received and if it is acceptable.
take care

publisher 4-26 no response

me:  4-27    10:00 am
Good Morning, did you guys get my new photo?
is it ok?
will you let me know?
how's the weather out there?
take it easy

publisher 4-27  no response

4-28 10:00 am
Hello, how's it going?
could you let me know if you received my head shot photo?
maybe it's in your spam
I know you folks must be super busy
you responded so quickly when the photo was wrong.
I was hoping for the same quick response now that it was done professionally and formatted properly.
waiting to hear from you

publisher 4-28 no response

Oh well,  maybe today I'll get a response,  here is the head shot photo. Have a great weekend everyone!
I'll be enjoying my ramen noodles because I spent all the grocery money on this photograph.
take care.

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