Friday, April 8, 2016

Hello! just heard from the publisher they are starting the cover art for my book yay!!..Although I still have not recieved the final edit thats cool as long as things keep moving forward. I hope everyone has a blessed day

Thanks to all who have come to visit this blog

Here's a Little post I have been putting up on the social networks

another cool photo from Melody Nafisi photos G+   then I put my website link here

 A blood thirsty warrior is always good to have around, as long as he's on your side. See
ancient  ways and new ways collide. When a single vision brings unlikely souls together
as they fight to preserve  the young  utopian "village of Jodicus"  travel through gothic Europe
with a hero as he tries to unravel his past in this fast moving page turner.
SUMMER 2016 "Village of Jodicus" 

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