Saturday, April 23, 2016

One step closer!, I got my cover art! yay. Sorry I am not showing it until the book is ready :). You will have to wait just like me. Read on!

 I was given two choices for my cover art,  one was powerful and one was subtle.
I picked the powerful cover art.  It is a great representation of the book
which is by no means subtle.  Still waiting on the final edit though, it has been seven
weeks now. I am anxious to see what suggestions the publisher has for me. No rush because this story is timeless and has classic quality. It has also given me time to start another great story!
I will keep you folks posted and let you know the progress step by step.
Love and respect to all, your friend.

here are two photos courtesy of Thomas wood g+

           bac a chur ar an gcosán! -------- stay on the path!

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